Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wrapping up Spring Break Week

Spring Break seems like so long ago after trudging through the last week of work and school, but I need to update this thing, so here's what you missed...

I was able to meet up for dinner with two of my favorite ladies, Tommie Sue and Martha. Since I have changed churches I don't ever get to see Sue anymore and even seeing Martha is few and far between with the Ethos/City Church divide. So we met up at Zaxby's and squeezed in some precious moments before Sue had to leave us. It was great fun. :-)

Me, Tommie Sue, and Martha

The next night I headed to Dalton to visit with my dad and stepmom and also go to a Creativity Party that my stepsister, Heidi had organized. The party was so much fun and I was pretty proud of the piece that I made. We created mixed media canvases and I think we all showed our amazing talents. :-) Here is a link to Heidi's blog if anyone is more interested in her art or doing a party of your own -

This picture is a drawing exercise that Heidi had us do. We picked an object to draw and with eyes closed drew the object with our dominant hand, then with both hands, then with our non-dominant. I thought my plant looked better than expected considering I couldn't see what I was doing. :-)

Heidi showing us how to create the canvas.

Becky working on her art.

A close up of the prettiness.

This is my stepmom's canvas.

Mimi's canvas

Me working on my canvas.

The finished masterpiece! I think it turned out pretty good. :-)

Me and my stepsisters, Heidi (left) and Mimi (right)

At the end of the week I had lunch with my friend, Rob. We ate at Greenlife and I had one of the most amazing sandwiches I have ever eaten. A spinach wrap with smoked turkey, pepper jack cheese, basil pesto, lettuce, and tomatoes. So so so good. Spending time with Rob is always fun and I was so happy he had time for me in his busy schedule. ;-) haha.

When the weekend arrived I FINALLY started on some schoolwork. I am ashamed that I procrastinated all week and inflicted such torture on myself to finish everything in a 3 or 4 day period. When will I learn?? I had to create a wedding invitation for a calligraphy project. We had to use our own name and if unmarried could pick our spouse. I decided Justin Timberlake wouldn't be bad to look at from here until death do us part, so that's who I chose. Justin and I will be married in a castle in England on May 23rd. Please join in the celebration. :-D

Concentrating on my Calligraphy skills

The Process... practice practice practice

Tracing the swirlies

The final product!

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