Monday, March 9, 2009

Family fun and more

I traveled to Atlanta on Saturday to visit my cousin Cole, Carole, and the kids. I had a smooth ride down, no major traffic snafoos. I jammed out to some Rob Thomas on the way there and the weather was beautiful so it was all good. Trey had a soccer game that morning that I missed because I just couldn't bring myself to wake up early enough to drive down and get there by 10 am. But I was informed that he scored a goal so he obviously did fine without me being present. :-) I got there around 12:30 and we headed to O'Charley's for lunch and then made a quick stop for me and Carole at the scrap book store. I needed to look for paper for my upcoming calligraphy assignment. But, I had no luck, they didn't carry the paper size that I needed. After that we hung out at the house the rest of the day and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We played a little bit of soccer - Trey, Grace, and myself defeated Cole's solo team. That's right, it only took 3 of us to take him down. After that I played with Grace and William on the playground. William was scaling the playset like a pro so I mentioned to Grace that he was like a little monkey. Grace quickly corrected me stating SHE was the monkey. ( could I make such a careless mistake. She is all about the monkeys right now.) I asked what else we could call him and she answered with of course, the SLOTH. What? hahaha. I told her that he was cuter than a sloth, right!? She informed me that sloths have to climb a lot... and Willam does sleep all the time! Which makes complete sense. (She is gifted by the way. Yeah. Probably smarter than me.) I suggested a squirrel and she okayed that. :-) After a great day spending time with 5 of my favorite people in the world, I left about 7:30 to head home. I love those little boogers. The big ones to.

The sea monkeys that I gave Trey for Christmas. They are crazy looking little creatures!

Their dog, Colonel Buzz, who is obsessed with feet and latched on to mine as often as he could.

I haven't had the priveledge of spending as much time with little William as I did with Grace and Trey by the time they were his age, so I got to catch up and take him in while I was there. He's awesome. Of course.

Cute little William - probably on a pacifier high in this picture. (He loves his passies!)

See...holding on for dear life. :-)

Who couldn't adore this face??

He loves being flipped around like a little rag doll

More acrobatics with Daddy

Picture of mommy (Carole) taken by William (sort of...)

Picture of daddy (Cole), also taken by William (sort of...)

William's bedroom is a surfer theme and it is amazing. Here are a few pictures of the awesomness.

Grass roof window treatment and bamboo wall covering

Used surf boards gifted by one of their CA friends

Shelf with matching grass roof

I did get to spend time with Grace and Trey too. They are getting so big!

Monkey girl and Soccer star

Trey likes to wrestle with his dad too. He isn't defending himself very well here though.

Me and Grace

Me and Trey...he totally left me hanging. He was making a silly face too and turned before the picture was finished. Crazy kid. :-)

On Sunday after church I went over to my mom's to visit with her and my grandmother. As luck would have it, my aunt Jeannie and cousin, Joe came over too so I got some time with them as well. Yay! I was hoping to see Joe during my break so it worked out beautifully.

Me and my Nannie

To set up this next picture...I was having trouble (as usual) getting a good self pic with both me and mom in the frame. So she graciously took over to "help me out". This is what we got...

Yep. Much better.

Here's one that finally came out decent. It only took us about 15 tries.

Joe writing a scene for us to act out. He is seriously going to be the next Hollywood genious.

Joe and I with our matching smiles.

Today I went running/walking downtown with Dana. I have not been running since the beginning of February when I blogged it on here. Nor have I done any other exercise since then. Therefore, my workout session today was not as awesome as I had hoped. I don't know why I expected greatness when I have been non-active for the last month and a half, but I did. I was very disappointed at the overwhelming exhaustion that I felt after running for just a few minutes. Ugh. I need to get myself in gear and get in shape PRONTO! It was an absolutely gorgeous day though, so it was worth the pain. We did get A LOT of walking in so we still got a very good workout.

Before leaving for the big workout. Grrrr! (By the way...I should really reconsider wearing white until I actually have some color. Geez.)

After the workout. Zzzzzzzzz.......

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