Friday, March 6, 2009

Vacation has officially begun!

I am FINALLY on Spring Break! No work or school for 9 days!! I didn't think I was going to make it. Seriously. It was touch and go for a little while. I have been so grouchy this week and I know some of it had to do with needing this break so bad. I also have a lot that I want to do during this time off so I feel like I may be even more exhausted when it's all over. Ugh... I'm not complaining though. I am ECSTATIC to have the time to spend time with friends and family, work on projects, get things done that I've been putting off, etc... I'm loving it! :-D

This is me trying desperately to survive the long and painful days at work leading up to Spring Break. Woe is me...

Ahh...but alas! God loves me and sends me flavored tootsie rolls when I need them most!! (Seriously, these things appear out of nowhere when I am having the crappiest day ever and there is always just ONE random piece in the candy dish. God is good. So so good.)

So here's an update since my Lent posting. The no TV thing has been a little difficult. But that's the point. It's not supposed to be easy. The sad thing is, I almost caved and watched The Bachelor finale. I've only seen one stinkin show, but they previewed the finale a few weeks ago and sucked me right in to the drama. And THEN everyone has been buzzing about it and I am dying to know what happened. Why? I don't know these people. I don't care about their life. But dang it, I recorded it anyway on my DVR so after Easter it is ON. I want to see what the dealio is! Don't judge me.

The no snooze button thing has been difficult too, but so worth it. It is completely sad how much I use it. I realize now all the time I waste by hitting the snooze repeatedly. Not that I didn't before, but actually using that time to get things done makes it really stand out. I give up the snooze button every year for Lent and every year I think that "THIS is the year" that it will stick. And that MAYBE when Lent is over I will actually continue to get up and grab hold of the day first thing instead of hunkering down further in the gloriousness of my oh so comfortable and cozy bed. So again I say...I think this is the year.

I also said in my decisions for Lent that I wanted to do more things for other people. It sounds simple enough, but I can get so busy and so consumed with all the things that I need to get done for my life that I can neglect the simple task of doing for others. So this is something that I really do plan on continuing and being more conscious of. Last Saturday I participated in a work day with my church at Bess T. Shepard elementary school. I helped do some random things and mainly started a mural project that they will put outside in a courtyard type area. It was fun and I got to know some fellow Ethos peeps a little better so that's always a good thing.

Getting ready to head to the school for some painting.

Preparing for the painting of the mural.

Sunday we started a new series at church called "Compelled to Love". We're discussing how Love is what it's about. God is love and that is what we are called to do. Showing God's love is so important and it helps to shape our heart in an awesome way. We had a really great discussion about it on Wednesday in our small group. One of the girls talked about what she does to have more love and compassion towards others. She said that she tries to visualize everyone she meets as a family member. We tend to have way more patience with our family members and show them much more compassion and love than we might show to someone we briefly encounter. But everyone is important to God and we should try to extend that love to all people. I'm really working on having a patient heart. Because my road rage can severely interfere with that sentiment. It is a for real struggle to not want to strangle people on the road sometimes. So yeah... I'm definitely going to try and envision my sweet little Nannie next time some little old lady pulls a crazy nut move on the road and makes me so mad I want to lose it! I think there will have to be prayers and deep breathing to accompany this change over.

Tomorrow I am heading to Atlanta to visit with my cousin, his wife, and the kids. Yay!! I've been looking forward to it for weeks so I can't wait to see everyone. It will be good times for sure. :-)

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