Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Shmalentine

I celebrated Valentine's Day (aka-Single Awareness Day) with my friend, Dana. We decided to make tacos and watch a movie. You know...really live it up. Ha. We did some pre-dinner grocery shopping and decided on Corn tortillas over Flour tortillas in an effort to be more healthy. We learned later that we should have gambled a little and indulged in the good stuff. So we bought our food and headed to the house to begin our culinary endeavor.

Dana chopping tomatoes

Me - browning the turkey meat

BEFORE we knew how the corn tortillas actually tasted.

My big mouth. Geez. I look like an idiot. :-)

The finished product. (minus the blue corn tortilla chips)

After eating the corn tortillas... Gross.

We decided to order a movie from On Demand and settled on Nights In Rodanthe. We thought it would be really good given the awesomeness of The Notebook. We were wrong. So wrong.

My review of Nights in Rodanthe

End of the night. Me and Dana = Good times

Also, my mom came by earlier in the day and brought me flowers, because that's what good moms do for their valentine-less children. haha. The roses are very pretty though. I'm blessed.

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