Monday, February 2, 2009

Rainy Procrastination SUPER STAR

Just to preface this...I have a project due tomorrow that I have barely worked on. YET, I have decided to write a blog and I have absolutely nothing exciting to talk about. This is a problem, right? The blog newness is like a shiny toy that I want to play with and learn more about. Blah Blah... and I'm a big stinkin procrastinator.
I had all weekend to work on this project. I don't kno
w why I couldn't motivate to do ANYTHING before now, but that's where I'm at. Maybe it's the weather? Sounds like a potentially good reason to blame this on? Maybe? The real problem is feeling completely overwhelmed. I just shut down when I feel that way. Like my brain short circuits because I have too many things going on. I hate it. I wish I was one of those overachievers that did everything way ahead of time. That would be so nice and stress free. But I'm not that way and I've been me for a long time and that's hard to change overnight. But maybe one day...

The rainy mess I had to battle on the way to school this afternoon. Boo Hiss.

"Rainy days and Mondays always get meee down..."

This was the turning point of my day. A little surprise of goodness in the candy dish at work.
I LOVE flavored tootsie rolls. Thank you tootsie roll. You are my hero.

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