Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dusting off the ol' keyboard

So, it has been a minute since I've written...okay, a lot of minutes. Almost 2 years of minutes! What!? How did that happen? Oh yeah, I know. I was finishing school and GRADUATING, meeting and falling for the love of my life and getting ENGAGED, meeting NKOTB in Atlanta and hugging Joe Mcintyre (a 20 year old dream come to pass which deserves it's own blog entry), moving out of the duplex I lived in for 7 years to live with my brother and save money for a new house or whatever else came along, buying my first home - a duplex - and renovating said duplex for my first tenant! Whew. Yes, it has most definitely been a busy 2 years. But I missed the ol' blog. I started hearing it call to me at night and cry because it wanted to speak again. So here I am, returning to the handful of you that care to read it. And to catch everyone up to is a visual of some of what you may have missed. Enjoy.


  1. YAY! Send me a invitation! I miss seeing your face on facebook.

  2. Overachieve much? ;)

    I am impressed and inspired! All I can say for these past two years is that contentment agrees with me and I've done very little beyond rearranging furniture! I'm such a slacker!

    Look at all you'll be able to add to the list for the next two years. I have a feeling you aren't going to be slowing down anytime soon. ;)


  3. Jami - I was wondering why your facebook page vanished! I was hoping my photography pleas didn't send you away. :-) I miss seeing your face too! I will definitely send you an invitation. You can email me your address at:

    Colleen - You are awesome and I can't wait until you are officially my sister!! You have done plenty in the last 2 years... look at those awesome girls you are raising. :-)