Friday, January 30, 2009

First-time Blogger and the Bucket List that got me here...

I recently decided to make my bucket list...things I want to do, be, accomplish, etc in my life before I "kick the bucket". It has been motivating and therapeutic to see my goals and dreams in black and white. One item on the list was to start a blog, so here I am. I really don't know if anyone will want to read my ramblings, but I'm pressing on with it nonetheless. To kick off the madness, I'm sharing my List (in no particular order). I'm sure it will continue to grow. I hope it inspires you to do one of your own!

Bucket List
  • Be on Time
  • Marry the man God has for me
  • Have healthy children
  • Be a good wife and mother
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Travel outside the United States to as many places possible
  • Write and publish a book
  • Design cards and invitations
  • Volunteer
  • Own a house
  • Own a house with a large wrap around porch
  • Be debt free
  • Graduate college
  • Help others
  • Be organic and free
  • Run a marathon (half)
  • Learn to play guitar
  • Learn to sew
  • Own rental property (be a landlady...hehe)
  • Snow ski/snow board
  • Go to Disney World and surrounding parks (again and again)
  • Visit all 50 states
  • Go camping
  • Learn and try all types of dance
  • Find my inner Martha Stewart
  • Ride in a helicopter
  • Be completely comfortable with my body and in my skin
  • Learn to drive a stick shift
  • Learn to knit
  • Learn to play piano
  • Learn to speak another language (well)
  • Water ski
  • Read bible cover to cover
  • Be comfortable praying out loud
  • Go on a mission trip
  • See a Broadway show
  • Be an audience member of a TV show
  • Visit Ground Zero
  • Start a blog - Yay!
  • Have a memorable kiss in the rain
  • See the 7 wonders
  • Learn to rock climb (well!)
  • Watch top rated 100 movies of all time
  • Read top rated 100 novels of all time
  • Climb/hike to top of a mountain
  • Take up photography
  • Go on a cruise
  • Grow my own vegetables and herbs
  • Lead someone/many to Christ
  • Learn to cook (well)
  • See New York at Christmas and in the Fall
  • Be a yoga master!
  • Attend the Olympics
  • Go Para sailing
  • Learn to surf
  • Put a prayer in the Wailing Wall
  • Have the wedding of my dreams
  • Plan weddings
  • Find lots of 4-leaf clovers
  • Travel on a train
  • Take singing lessons
  • Take art/drawing lessons
  • Make a journal/album of things accomplished on this list
  • Live in the moment


  1. i absolutely LOVED this list!

    if you need assistance learning those domestic things on your list, im your girl! knit, sew, etc.

  2. My friend Chad flies helicopters. He can hook you up. He took me up in one... it was awesome!

  3. I own a 5 speed car, I am not sure that I could teach you to drive it but you are more than welcome to try it! Can I go to the Wailing Wall with you?

  4. Thanks Jami! I will take you up on that for sure!

    Christy - I think I met your friend Chad a long time ago. That would be cool!!

    Jessica - I will take you to the Wailing Wall as a thank you for letting me drive your car! How is that? haha.

  5. Very cool list. Love this movie. I need to make one of these!